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Our Story

Cheryl Westland, PharmD, was raised on a ranch in north central Montana. Her dream was to own her own pharmacy, but corporate dominance in the pharmacy industry created difficulties and almost diminished this dream. The closure of the ShopKo Pharmacy in Belle Fourche in 2019 left a huge void in community and its availability of choice for customers. Cheryl saw the opportunity to provide the community with a much needed service, and with encouragement from family and colleagues, she pursued her dream. Large corporate pharmacies will always dominate the industry, but Cheryl felt strongly about offering a personal, more convenient option to patients and customers in the area.


Prairie Hills Pharmacy opened for business on September 26, 2019.

Our Team

Cheryl Cowan

Cheryl Westland, PharmD

Hello! My name is Cheryl.  I was born and raised on a ranch in Turner, Montana, near the Canadian border in north central Montana. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Biology at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, and obtained my Doctorate in Pharmacy from University of Montana in Missoula, Montana. My first Pharmacist position was at Lynn’s DakotaMart in Belle Fourche, SD. After the closing of Shopko in 2019, I felt there was a need for an additional pharmacy in Belle Fourche so I opened Prairie Hills Pharmacy. 

Owning my own business provides a challenge in my career yet gives me the opportunity to care for others in the profession I was trained and give to the community by offering a much needed service.  I like to know my patients and customers by name and give them the comfort of knowing the same people will be there to help them. The pharmacy world is changing daily, and being able to help others, or make someone smile is a rewarding feeling at the end of the workday. I am fortunate to have built a very caring team who share the same goals and values for the good of the business, and most important, the good of each patient and customer.  I have a husband and two boys, and we ranch in Belle Fourche.  When not working, I can be found riding horses, roping, barrel racing, gardening, or anything outdoors.  These activities always include my husband and two little boys, as spending quality family time is extremely important to me.

Cindy Cowan

Cindy Cowan
Pharmacy Technician/Business Manager

Hello there!  My name is Cindy.  I was born and raised in Turner, Montana, located 500 miles from Belle Fourche, SD. I attended college at Montana State University and also Great Falls Vocational School in Great Falls, Montana. I spent many years as a ranch wife and Business Manager of a school district. When the opportunity arose to change careers and jump into a new adventure as co-owner of a pharmacy, I was all in! I moved to Belle Fourche in 2019 to partner with Cheryl, who is my daughter.  I work as the business manager, retail gift manager and also obtained my pharmacy technician certification. Needless to say, this was a great adventure and challenge, as I had never worked in the pharmacy field. What I love most about my day is meeting and talking with people, knowing we are helping each patient whether we fill a prescription, or just listen or laugh together.  It has been great to get to know our patients and be able to give them professional and personal service.  The Prairie Hills Pharmacy team is made up of sincere and professional technicians and pharmacists who make each customer feel cared for. This is a wonderful community and I’m happy to be a part of it and offer a business that allows them to stay at home to shop. When not at work, you can find me working in my little yard, trying to construct a DIY project, riding horses, painting something, or just plain socializing. Oh, and I can’t forget, spoiling the grandkids! Every day is a good day and working in this profession is very rewarding.

Sarah Bedney

Hello! My name is Sarah.

I am a Pharmacy graduate from South Dakota State University. I worked at Kmart Pharmacy in Spearfish, and after the closure of the Kmart stores, I was employed at Lynns DakotaMart in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. I begin at Prairie Hills Pharmacy in March of 2021.  The Prairie Hills team is different because we are more focused on the patient.  We get to truly know our customers and they get to know us.  We get to take the time to develop those relationships.  When I’m not at work, I’m usually hanging out with my husband and our two kids.  I’m an amateur gardener, most of the time I’m guessing at what I’m doing. I also enjoy riding motorcycles and taking the side by side up in the hills.  We’re part of a wonderful faith family at Connection Church in Belle Fourche,  where we enjoy learning and growing together.  


Sarah Bedney, PharmD

Coming Soon
Terri Adamski

Hello!  My name is Terri.

I was born and raised  in Rapid City, SD.

Prior to joining the Prairie Hills Pharmacy team I was a pharmacist at Roger's Family Pharmacy, WalMart and Walgreen's. Being a part of the Prairie Hills Pharmacy team is different than others as it is an independent and allows for the "family feeling" and giving patients the care they deserve. When not at work, I enjoy basking in the outdoors, soaking up sunshine, picking berries and sharing all  of the fun jellies and goodies I make from the berries. 

Terri Adamski, PharmD

Megan Hoffman

Hi! My name is Megan. I was born and raised in the Belle Fourche area, growing up on the ranch. I have been a pharmacy technician for 21 years, working at Bob’s Pharmacy in Spearfish and later Walgreen’s Pharmacy in Spearfish.  I began working at Prairie Hills Pharmacy in 2021. I enjoy working with the Prairie Hills Pharmacy team, as working for an independently owned pharmacy is different than corporate pharmacies. Donating to fundraisers and investing in the community is what we do at Prairie Hills Pharmacy.  The harder we work, the more the business grows and we as employees grow.  This makes for a more caring atmosphere. When not at work, I can be found spending time and playing with my three daughters, working in my garden and sewing. 

Megan (Crago) Hoffman
Pharmacy Technician

Calli Davis

Hello! My name is Calli (Tetrault) Davis.  I was born and raised in Spearfish. I have been a pharmacy technician for over 16 years. My first job was at Bob’s Pharmacy in Spearfish until it was sold to Walgreens, where I continued to work in various states such as Nebraska, Ohio and back to Spearfish, South Dakota.  I have been a part of the Prairie Hills team since 2021. I am very happy returning to my “roots” and working for a locally owned pharmacy once again! I love the “small town feel” and the flexibility to better serve our patients with all that we offer at Prairie Hills Pharmacy. I also enjoy being a part of serving our local living facilities and the fun, tight-knit crew I have to work with! When I’m not at work, I can be found being my children’s biggest fan at their activities, spending time with my family, gardening, playing volleyball, reading, snowboarding and adventuring in the Black Hills with my husband and kids. 

Calli Davis
Pharmacy Technician

Coming Soon

Alexis Hooter
Pharmacy Technician in Training

Karlie Roberts
Jasmyn Jensen

Hi! My name is Jasmyn. I am currently a student at South Dakota State University pursing a degree in Pharmacy.  I began working weekends and summer months as a technician in training in 2021. At Prairie Hills Pharmacy, I feel I am part of a work family rather than just an employee. I enjoy working under such hard working and compassionate role models that care so much about their patients.  When I’m not working, I can be found going to rodeos with my family, cooking and working out. 

Jasmyn Jensen
Pharmacy Technician In Training

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